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A ball of negligible size is dropped straight down from a height of 16 feet.

(2^n) but I gave up trying to work the numerator out. If I can work out the numerator then I can state a possible answer but I lack the skills at present. Given that criteria, and a vacuum with zero resistance, it theoretically will never stop bouncing.

However, given the need to sustain enough energy to lift the mass on each successive bounce in a resistive atmosphere, there will come a point to where the upward energy will not be able to overcome the weight to the ball, and it will come to rest.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom, but when I came back, he was sitting on MY side of the table.

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The first time I went, I couldn’t get over the man at the door. This bouncer wasn’t “H-O-T-T” per say, but he was sexy. He had mystery about him and a nice body to top it all off-- I could tell, even through the all black “bouncer wear.” Every time I went back we chatted and flirted and my intoxicated mind could have sworn I heard an Irish accent, which made him even sexier. He saw the confused expression on my face and his explanation was, “I wanted to be closer to you.” I have a thing about personal space—it’s called “my bubble” and I need people to stay out of my bubble, unless invited in.

Bouncers have a certain amount of power, which is attractive in any situation. This...this, man, was all in my bubble that extends an arms length on all sides and I was more than a little chagrined at this, but I decided to let it go and continue with the date.

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