Dating a tall woman

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Not only did I date a woman taller than me, I married her!While logically we both understood that there was no reason height should have been an issue, there's some pretty powerful social conditioning to be overcome.

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I'm not and she's not - but boy, people will look atcha.

Guys, on the other hand, tend to be a lot more blunt: "Wow, man, how'd you pull that off? Depending on how polite I'm feeling, I occasionally give a fairly colorful answer.

I'm sure a social psychologist could give you the specifics - probably something about dominance, social standing, threat displays, power displays, etc.

In no way should tall women apologize for their height.

Among the more common pickup lines we tall ladies hear: "Do you play basketball? " (Icy.) "I'd like to climb you." (Really, I'd rather you wouldn't.) While some women think being tall is something worth writing a book about -- like Arianne Cohen's "The Tall Book" -- other women perceive it to be a disability equivalent to a clubfoot. I can reach the highest shelves, but I'll never blend into the crowd.

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