Dating backup guy

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ET breaks down nine times Tanaka was "so obsessed" -- (yes, we just went there! Tanaka claims he's "not a big vodka guy," but gave Carey's VDKA 6100 vodka the ultimate stamp of approval. The diva's fishnet tights, sultry black stilettos and lingerie corset top received a "smashing" review from the Washington native."I really like this stuff," he admitted, calling the alcohol "bomb" and "fire!!! WATCH: Mariah Carey Spotted With Hot Backup Dancer in First Sighting Since Break From James Packer A source close to the "Obsessed" singer told ET on Friday that Tanaka and Carey are just close friends, and he is not a reason for any issues between Carey and Packer. Why he's significant: He is the CEO of Pink Taco, which means he probably gets mad free Mexican food. When they dated: It's not really official but she Instagrammed a picture with him this week which basically means, in 2017 terms, that they are official/boning.Ask any male college student if guys and girls can be “just friends” and he will laugh and shake his head no. Because men typically only invest time and energy into a relationship they believe can go much so Packer had it out with him in Mariah's dressing room and then got Tanaka banned from Caesar's Palace, where MC performs.

Why he's significant: He was cute, but Britney deleted all the pictures of him from her Insta when they broke up. When they dated: They only went on one date at the end of 2015 lol. Who is he: The hot guy in her "Slumber Party" video.

On the other side, commitment has its own set of benefits, like better chance of offspring survival.

So, what you get is this quasi-platonic relationship with your old lab partner from grad school with romantic potential that you never got to explore because one of you was always in a relationship.

The guy might keep his intentions covert, but if you scratch under the surface, his heart is engaged.

Women often believe the opposite sex can be “just friends” until a relationship goes sour, at which point they look back and ponder what went wrong.

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