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If Cecilia can find a life partner, she will find a father for her child and the problem will be solved.

The film shows Cecilia's venture into speed-dating and the awkward situations she encounters.

Steve Carell, who provided some of the best improv in Anchorman and has risen admirably to the impossible task of filling Ricky Gervais’ shoes in the US version of The Office, should soon be as big a star as Will Ferrell.

Director and co-writer Judd Apatow, the brilliant creator of TV series Freaks And Geeks, equally deserves all the success in the world.

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Because the (obviously, painfully real) chest-waxing scene could only be done in one shot, five cameras had to be used so that nothing was missed.Carell has a natural gift for making the mundane uproarious and remaining loveable throughout (it’s a measure of his charm that his insistence on keeping cherry firmly intact never seems pathetic) that elevates even the basest comedy moments… It’s in trying to be more that Apatow sadly stumbles.At the film’s centre is a very sweet story about a man choosing to wait for a woman he loves rather than give it up for one of the nymphomaniacs shoved his way.(BKP: 3.5/5) ******************** Responsible and independent Cecilia confronts her dilemma early on in : if the successful journalist wants to have children, she should start that process soon.The audience gets a peak into Cecilia's life, realizing that the every-girl is relatable in so many ways: her alarm clock does not work, she is late for work and finds solace in drinking wine with her friends.

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