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She always said, 'I knew if I cancelled, he'd never ask again.

I’ve dated women from various ends of the financial spectrum, but it’s never about what they have.” But if you will not take this Counsel, and persist in thinking a Commerce with the Sex inevitable, then I repeat my former Advice, that in all your Amours you should prefer old Women to young ones. Because there is no hazard of Children, which irregularly produc’d may be attended with much Inconvenience.

She also taught me that yelling won’t get you anywhere: 'During my marriage, I would never scream at him. You have to be willing to give and put up with a lot.

I'd wait until the next day to talk to him—calmly—about what was bothering me.'" –Locke Hughes, "Memom taught me that there are three things to look for in a man: He has to have a good sense of humor, he has to have a good natural smell, and he cannot be a bad drunk. " –Julie Sanders, reader“'You absolutely have to be in love with each other. It isn’t easy, but if you love each other, it’s worth it,' she told me.

The image was shared on social media by Amy Pennington on Sunday.

It shows her grandfather helping her grandmother do her hair, following her recovery from wrist surgery.

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