Fox dating show 2016 gomas dating

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Fox’s Dana Walden, the co-CEO and chair of Fox Television Group, told Deadline, “Mark delivered a beautiful-looking show, that didn’t resonate with our viewers.” She added, “It probably felt a little bit too close to other reality shows being done well right now.There wasn’t any need to do another relationship show on an island.” Yes.

But she did say that, “the process definitely worked.”“Coupled” incorporates the concept of “swiping” right or left from mobile phone dating apps. Then, they walk away to the right if interested, to the left if not interested.Then he makes a choice, selecting two women he wants to know better.The three of them are then transported to the "trio's villa", where they will have more time to become acquainted.Mostly, it looks like an excuse to make beautiful women get into cat fights."The real soap opera unfolds as new couples are formed and have to discover whether or not they have the compatibility to make their relationships last," the press release reads. Find out (if you dare) when Coupled premieres on May 17.

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