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Gary was a beloved member of our family and we are so honored that he called CBS his home for so many years.”A memorial service is being planned for later in October.If you can believe it, today is Harry Potter’s 37th birthday, which kinda makes us want to buy a Time-Turner immediately because it feels like just yesterday he was turning 11 and getting his Hogwarts acceptance letter.

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This about sums up our relationship to the books themselves. Did we mention that we’d ink wise and brilliant Dumbledore has said? We don’t care if they mention nature, or the season, or the name of a fish, or whatever the standard technical haiku rules are.BUT, there is one caveat: Since we’re announcing the winner in 2010, please include the words “new” and “year” somewhere in your poem. Surely these photos will give you plenty of inspiration.While we totally encourage all of the traditional means of celebration (drinking Butterbeer, re-reading the books, etc.), we also want to provide more quotes that make perfect, timeless tattoos — and will definitely make you the envy of all your Potterhead friends. If only we had enough space to ink the Marauder’s Map along with this.Without further ado, here are some suggestions for those feeling bold — and magical. Really, we’re good with carrying any piece of Dumbledore’s wisdom with us everywhere.

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