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31, 2011, whichever is earlier; for Money Plus Essentials it is one year after activation or Jan. You can verify your expiration date in Money Plus by selecting Help / About Microsoft Money; it appears to the right of the serial number.

Ditched by Money, but Quicken Wants You I suppose that this means Intuit wins the desktop personal finance software war.

We’re working closely with Microsoft to develop an easy way for Money users to transfer data into Quicken desktop products.The Microsoft Money FAQ site at org is on the move, and will be hosted at immediate effect.If you have any favorite links on that site, they will be redirected for the next three months, but I urge you to update them beforehand.We are hearing from a lot of frustrated former MSN portfolio manager users. If you read MSN Money’s forums, there is some discussion about users being able to get their MSN portfolio data into a spreadsheet.If Microsoft does offer to do this, we will help any user getting their data into Equity Stat.

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