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For this the latest trend being followed is Social Login.

Social Login allow users to access websites using their existing Social IDs.

We've migrated a user database to vld Personals recently due to socialengine's slow performance.

Out of curiosity I checked the database query log - they have almost 184 mysql queries each time member's public profile page is displayed, and that's in production mode that supposedly has caching enabled! Yeah I tested the 30 day demo it is really slow even on a vps host the script is really big and the template structure is kinda complicated I like the Facebook-like wall that it has and the batch photo upload but the performance is not the best I will stick vld .

Create new language pack with CSV files translation then, it can be easily done...

Speed is the most important parameter to rate the performance of any website.

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* Support for 140 world currencies * Support for major metals like Gold, Silver etc.Linked In and Google are among the famous social networks having a large...This package contains almost all our Social Engine Add Ons plugins, thus enabling you to have thriving online community and social website.Social Engine users the easy way for you to send message. It is designed to use for Motorola Droid Pro (Motorola XPRT) but it should work on other devices with optional hardware key. When a barrel of Oktoberfest ale lands on a reel the reel starts to fill with cool, bubbling beer. An app which helps you to enable to disable Wifi Hot Spot quickly using hardware key.

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