Updating google maps

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The question was ‘How often does Google Maps update and when will it update next? Also see our article How To Find Your GPS Coordinates on an Android Device Apparently, Google Maps uses imagery from NASA and the U. Google accesses these images and also uses a special tool to remove clouds so we get an uninterrupted view of the world.

Google doesn’t release the frequency of updates but we know that it differs depending on where in the world you live. Some parts of the country are updated weekly like New York, Washington D. More rural places where change is at a slower pace get fewer updates.

It's funny how I always seem to forget where I parked my car when the temperature starts to reach the 100s.

On the other hand, if it snows then all the cars begin to look the same because they're covered in a layer of flurries.

We were asked an intriguing question last week that sent me on quite a research adventure.

It concerned Google Maps, something I have only used a few times but had always wanted to explore further and never got around to it. These offer very detailed views covering almost the entire surface of the planet.

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